kau benci aku benci kau benci aku benci kau

perlu ke ?

kau benci aku !
aku benci kau !

penat dow benci mmbenci !

why not kte stop jep!

listen okey :

ta sume owg kt dunie ni ske kau .

n ta sume owg kat dunie ni ske aku .

tp aku dont care if dowg ta ske aku .

To the haters listen !

You might not like the way i look .

So you like to stare .

You might not like the way i act

But i really don’t care .

Some people have their own style .

And i’ve found mine .

So you should too and stop wasting my time .

I don’t wanna hear your stupid comments about how you don’t like me.

Cause no one can tell me how to act or who to be .

I’ve got confidence bout my personality and i’m secure with my self .

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